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The Only Way to Die
Original Air Date October 8, 1966
Writers Arne Sultan
Director Bruce Bilson
Season Two
Episode Number 34
Villain The Blaster
Previous Episode A Spy for a Spy
Next Episode Maxwell Smart, Alias Jimmy Ballantine

Get Smart Episode #34, Season Two #4.


After being caught listening in on KAOS agents plotting, Maxwell Smart must pretend to be dead so that KAOS will believe it is safe to proceed with their plan.






  • Flower bug
  • Briefcase TV set



At one point Max complains that his confinement makes him "feel like The Prisoner of Zenda". He will get a chance to experience that story even more closely in Episode #74: "The King Lives?".

Reality CheckEdit

The title is a play on the famous slogan, "It's the only way to fly", used by Western Airlines.

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