The Turtle.

Notorious assassin hired by the KAOS Chairwoman to eliminate Congresswoman 99 and Minister Vanapopo of Punnatungo before they conclude a mineral rights treaty.

According to Agent 66, "he's called the Turtle because he's very elusive - he only comes out to kill" - and "has a protective steel shell implanted where his back used to be". However, he despises the sobriquet, preferring to be addressed by his given name of "Warren".

The Turtle is able to gain access to the plane on which 99 and Vanapopo are travelling by posing as the co-pilot but his mission is thwarted by 66 and Zach Smart who are posing as flight attendants and he is forced to escape by leaping from the plane with a parachute.

Portrayed by Kario Salem [GS Episode #5: "Passenger 99"].

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