"A warped barrel is a fool's frustration."
- Genghis Kahn (allegedly).

The Wax Max
Original Air Date February 24th, 1968
Writers James Komack
Director James Komack
Season Three
Episode Number 80
Villain Mr. Waxman
Previous Episode 99 Loses CONTROL
Next Episode Operation Ridiculous

Get Smart Episode #80, Season Three #20.


Max and 99 spend their day off at an amusement park only to find their lives in danger when they inadvertently uncover a KAOS operation. Will 86 and 99 become permanent wax statues at the hands of evil KAOS agent Waxman?





Weapons and GadgetsEdit


  • Amusement Park


The plot is similar to Episode #29 "Shipment to Beirut" where models are turned into mannequins by means of a spray-on plastic solution, and to when Agents 86 and 99 almost become bronze statues at the hands of the evil KAOS agent Bronzefinger (Episode #42).

Reality CheckEdit

The title refers to the 1966 film The Blue Max but the episode itself is, in part, a parody of House of Wax. Max and 99 will have another encounter with a wax museum in the more obviously titled "House of Max" two-parter in Season Five.