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"A warped barrel is a fool's frustration."
- Genghis Kahn (allegedly).

The Wax Max
Original Air Date February 24th, 1968
Writers James Komack
Director James Komack
Season Three
Episode Number 80
Villain Mr. Waxman

Get Smart Episode #80, Season Three #20.


Max and 99 spend their day off at an amusement park only to find their lives in danger when they inadvertently uncover a KAOS operation. Will 86 and 99 become permanent wax statues at the hands of evil KAOS agent Waxman?






  • Amusement Park


The plot is similar to Episode #29 "Shipment to Beirut" where models are turned into mannequins by means of a spray-on plastic solution, and to when Agents 86 and 99 almost become bronze statues at the hands of the evil KAOS agent Bronzefinger (Episode #42).

Reality CheckEdit

The title refers to the 1966 film The Blue Max but the episode itself is, in part, a parody of House of Wax. Max and 99 will have another encounter with a wax museum in the more obviously titled "House of Max" two-parter in Season Five.

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