The abandoned Twin Oaks Inn.


Abandoned restaurant on Highway 9 where Maxwell Smart and the Chief are lured by Adrian Listenger, a former CONTROL trainee and catcher on the CONTROL Training School baseball team.

Seeking revenge after being forced to drop out of the spy school because one of the team members reported that he had cheated on a test, Listenger has already murdered six CONTROL agents, all former members of the team.

With Listenger himself believed dead, only Max and the Chief (who had been the team's coach) are left on the list and they begin to suspect each other.

This is exactly what Listenger wants; he then tricks them separately into going to the deserted inn hoping they will kill each other in the showdown but the two friends each realize that the other could never be a murderer and instead it is Listenger who falls in the ensuing shootout.

[Episode #130: "The Mess of Adrian Listenger"].

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