"That's the second biggest arrow I've ever seen." - Maxwell Smart.

Washington 4, Indians 3
Original Air Date October 23rd, 1965
Writers Gerald Gardner

and Dee Caruso

Director Richard D. Donner
Season One
Episode Number 6
Villain Red Cloud
Previous Episode Now You See Him, Now You Don't
Next Episode KAOS in Control

Washington 4, Indians 3 is the sixth episode of the Get Smart Television series.


Maxwell Smart infiltrates an Indian tribe which threatens war against the United States unless its lands are returned.


A secret agent riding a bus through Arizona is suddenly stopped by a tribe of Native Americans with a message for Control. Washington must give all land taken from the Indians back, or else the Indians will declare war on the United States. Upon hearing this, Maxwell Smart summons the heads of the Army, Navy, and Air Force as well as the Chief of Control to discuss the problem. They agree to send in Maxwell Smart to go undercover and find out why the Indians are attacking and what forces they have. Agent 99 and Max fly down to Arizona where they run into a Indian on the way to Red Cloud's, the leader of the attacking Indians, tribe. Agent 86 disables the Indian and disguises himself as the Indian, allowing himself to sneak into Red Cloud's camp.

Unfortunately for Max, the Indian was not on the way to the war council; he was the fiancee of White Cloud, Red Cloud's daughter. Max tries to avoid White Cloud while spying on Red Cloud's war council. He is discovered by some of the Indian leaders while the vote for war was taking place. Agent 86 and Agent 99 are forced to watch Red Cloud launch his secret weapon at the White House: a giant rocket-propelled arrow.

The Arrow causes minimal damage to the west wing of the White House, and Max is awarded for his bravery when the Chief introduces him to the new Native American representative to the United States, Red Cloud himself.





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