"All right! Into the closet! (Max enters closet, then comes out again) Just as I thought! There's room for both of you!"

Maxwell Smart

With Love and Twitches
Original Air Date November 16th, 1968
Writers Arne Sultan, Allan Burns, Chris Hayward, Leonard Stern
Director Gary Nelson
Season Four
Episode Number 95
Villain Kohlman and Jacoby
Previous Episode The Return of the Ancient Mariner
Next Episode The Laser Blazer

Get Smart Episode #95, Season Four #9.


On the eve of his wedding to 99, Maxwell Smart is tricked into swallowing a drug containing the map to the Melnick Uranium Mines and told that he must remain upright for 48 hours while the map appears in the form of a rash on his chest.







  • Don Adams's real-life wife, Dorothy Bracken, plays 99's bridesmaid. She is appropriately credited as "wife". Mace Neufeld, who plays her husband Herbert, was Adams's manager.

Reality CheckEdit

  • The title refers to the common letter-writing sign-off "with love and kisses", also the name of a 1936 film.

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